Custom-trained tech talent. Personalized dev work. More than a software company.


As a custom software development company, we provide senior-level technology pros who creatively solve your problems and fast-track your timeline to success. Whether you need us to serve as a collaborative extension of your existing tech team — or take care of your development needs altogether — we’re here to bring fresh ideas and innovation to any project.

The New Way to Hire Tech Talent

Listen, we get it. Hiring software developers is hard. It’s hard to assess their technical skills. Hard to find that just-right personality fit. And hard to find the time to mentor them. 

That’s why we’re shifting the old model of tech talent acquisition; disrupting the space with our unique Software Development Apprenticeship Program. It’s a proven method of training that not only brings immediate value to your bottom line, but has the potential to change a future software developer’s life.

Technology, Diversified

Innovative spirit is at the center of technology, and equal access to opportunity is crucial to creating a workforce embodying that spirit. We’re dedicated to making meaningful change — and challenging our community to partner with us — to impact diversity in the tech sector.


Image of the Misty II robot from Misty Robotics

Misty Robotics

We needed help in developing our mobile app, and also needed help diversifying our labor talent. This combination led us to Techtonic.

- Tim Enwall, Head of Misty Robotics.

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What I love about Techtonic’s model is that you end up hiring developers who already know your products and have helped develop your application.

-Aaron Mendelson, Director of Customer Success & Product Innovation

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Person smiling as the light from their computer screen illuminates their face in the dark room and computer code is projected onto the wall behind them


We were able to plan and architect our solutions with Techtonic, and then hand the work over without having to oversee and micromanage the process. We’ve trusted them to push the job forward and Techtonic delivered.

-Jonathan Gillaspie, Chief Information Officer

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MD Solutions

Building an internal IT group at MD Solutions would have been almost impossible. Techtonic allows us to leverage an external partner, so there is clear ROI on a number of business levels.

-Paul Casey, Founder & President

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Our partnership with Techtonic is allowing Pivotal to provide amazing career opportunities for diverse software engineers, who are consistently making a difference in our business.

-Nick Cayou, VP, Global Ecosystems Team

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Whether you need software engineers, want to join our Diversity Coalition, or honestly don’t know how to start solving your tech talent needs, our team is here to help change the way you create software and optimize processes.