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Techtonic is uniquely built to fit our clients' needs, whether that be pure onshore software development, talent pipeline generation, or a mixture of both.

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Techtonic provides product-driven onshore software development, supported by diverse American talent, allowing us to provide value at every stage of the development lifecycle.

We pride ourselves on employing senior-level technology professionals who are creative thinkers, highly collaborative, and consistently bring fresh ideas and innovation to any project.

No matter what project you’re looking to develop or launch, we have the tools, expertise, and manpower to deliver above and beyond what's expected.



  • Cloud-Based Application Development
  • Consultation & modernization of new & existing products
  • Microservices/container architecture
  • Team Augmentation
  • IoT Development
  • Native mobile applications
  • Test automation and test-driven development
  • Project management excellence
  • Quality assurance


unless you've got the right partner

Are you tired of 4:00am meetings with offshore development teams? Have you hit a hiring wall and can’t find the right developer to bring on full-time? If you’re looking to fill the talent gap for your software development needs, we should talk!

The Techtonic Apprenticeship is a pioneering software development training program, providing our clients with a continuous flow of highly skilled software engineers who are immersed in their business. Our unique model of talent generation allows clients to work with our software engineers on a project basis, and then retain them as full-time hires as needed.

We’ve got highly-qualified talent ready to start developing your project today!


through code

The Techtonic Apprenticeship is a pioneering apprenticeship model for the Technology industry. Our goal is to provide unparalleled opportunity to people with diverse backgrounds, women, and veterans who are looking to gain an education and the associated skills to begin a career in Technology.

Our PAID apprenticeship program is registered by the United States Department of Labor and is built on a platform of diversity, critical thinking and core foundational engineering skills. The Techtonic Apprenticeship is a 12-month long paid apprenticeship, comprised of both classroom learning and real-world client application development. Our apprentices learn basic coding literacy, fundamentals, soft skills and gain career-readiness, preparing them to become immediate contributors to the corporate software development community.

By removing the barriers normally associated with gaining a career in Technology, we’re disrupting and evolving the way companies educate, source and hire top software development talent. Join the team and start your career today!


Image of the Misty II robot from Misty Robotics

Misty Robotics

We needed help in developing our mobile app, and also needed help diversifying our labor talent. This combination led us to Techtonic.

- Tim Enwall, Head of Misty Robotics.

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What I love about Techtonic’s model is that you end up hiring developers who already know your products and have helped develop your application.

-Aaron Mendelson, Director of Customer Success & Product Innovation

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Person smiling as the light from their computer screen illuminates their face in the dark room and computer code is projected onto the wall behind them


We were able to plan and architect our solutions with Techtonic, and then hand the work over without having to oversee and micromanage the process. We’ve trusted them to push the job forward and Techtonic delivered.

-Jonathan Gillaspie, Chief Information Officer

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MD Solutions

Building an internal IT group at MD Solutions would have been almost impossible. Techtonic allows us to leverage an external partner, so there is clear ROI on a number of business levels.

-Paul Casey, Founder & President

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Our partnership with Techtonic is allowing Pivotal to provide amazing career opportunities for diverse software engineers, who are consistently making a difference in our business.

-Nick Cayou, VP, Global Ecosystems Team

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