Diverse work, clients and teams

We work across languages, architectures, environments, and platforms and we do it for clients spanning a wide variety of sizes and industries. You'll also partner with a diverse team of developers with different backgrounds and world-views. This allows us to challenge the status quo, look at problems from different angles and develop world-changing software.

Ongoing training

The only constant is change and that's especially true in our industry. We stay on top of those changes with continuous education and assessments to make sure that we're razor sharp, and we support our teams offering innovative solutions with the latest technologies for our clients.

Mentorship and support

Everybody hits a snag sometimes, and we're here to help. From our apprentices to our senior developers, we believe in communication and mutual support, so somebody is always available for you to talk to–or grab a beer with at the brewery nearby.

Pet- and snack-friendly office

You don't have to love dogs, but you can't avoid them. Our furry employees are a part of the package. And so are great snacks, a great space and a real kitchen so you will always have coffee on hand to help burn the midnight oil. Free parking and a great location are the icing on the cake.

Employee Testimony

Coworkers are friendly and helpful and everybody is working together to make this program succeed. That includes giving apprentices endless chances to learn.

Erin (now at Misty Robotics)

I have the opportunity to work on live software projects, gain experience with common languages, and have the chance to collaborate with our senior developers.

Lamont (now at Pivotal)

There are few places willing to let you learn while on the job but Techtonic Group prevails above all the ones that do. Not only do you work on real life projects but you get to have fun and learn more than you think you could.