The Techtonic Advantage

Founded in 2006, Techtonic is the premier partner for developing onshore, product-driven software solutions. In 2012, we pioneered a way to close the talent gap by creating the Techtonic Apprenticeship, a fully accredited software development program registered by the United States Department of Labor. Our Development, Testing and Product Management teams lead the way by working in an agile environment that is iterative and highly collaborative. When it comes to sourcing premium software developers, we’re nothing short of pioneers. The highly selective Techtonic Apprenticeship offers clients a new and innovative way to source, educate and hire top-tier software developers.

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Onshore vs Offshore Software Development

Companies are becoming enlightened to the pitfalls associated with offshore software development. Once seen as a cheaper alternative, offshore development can be accompanied with significant risks and unforeseen costs.

Language and cultural differences create miscommunication throughout the development process. Time zone restrictions force tech professionals to work odd hours. And the cost and time of additional labor due to poor development and multiple revisions is often much higher than producing quality software onshore.

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The Talent Gap

If you're like most companies, software is paramount to the success of your business. It is a key connection to your customers and employees. As technologies evolve, the need to create and maintain applications requires a significant investment in time, people, and skillsets.

This demand has created a huge talent gap for qualified software developers. In fact, a 2019 Gartner study has found that the global talent shortage in technology is now the top emerging risk facing organizations today.

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A Better Customer Experience

In today’s world, your customers want things faster, cheaper, and easier, especially when it comes to Technology. Real-time access to your brand and products via mobile platforms is now a must-have. Most importantly, customers require applications to be “App Easy,” as in easy enough to use and navigate without training or intense direction.

This demand requires a solid partner who knows your business and can deliver development and talent resources to help your company stay ahead of the competition.

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Diversity Is Front & Center

Diversity is now a necessity for top companies across the United States. Statistics show that diversity is good for your business, your products, your people, and ultimately helps you connect with a wider customer base. In fact, Harvard Business Review did a recent study; "we found that the most-diverse enterprises were also the most innovative, as measured by the freshness of their revenue mix." In show, your customers are a diverse group of people, and we believe your software development applications and teams should reflect that diversity!

Client Success

Technology Partnerships

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Microsoft, the Techtonic Apprenticeship, and Workforce Solutions Borderplex have joined forces in El Paso, Texas to launch a Techtonic Apprenticeship cohort aimed at educating military spouses to become fully trained software developers.

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Amazon Web Services and Techtonic partner through the AWS partner network to develop successful AWS-based solutions, business, resources, and marketing engagements.

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Techtonic is proud to be a certified B-Corporation, meeting the highest verified standards of social and environmental performance, transparency, and accountability.