Techtonic Apprenticeship

The Techtonic software development apprenticeship is pioneering the way companies source, educate and hire the next generation of software engineers. Our paid apprenticeship program is registered by the United States Department of Labor, and removes the barriers to entry that normally exist within technology careers. Our unique and highly selective model allows clients to resource and hire developers who understand their business and bring immediate value.

Techtonic Provides

  • Background agnostic - Diverse & highly inclusive
  • Registered by the United States Department of Labor
  • Unique paid model - We pay our apprentices
  • Real-world experience - Develop technical & soft skills on real projects

Apprentices Receive

  • 2000 hours employment with Techtonic
  • 14 weeks of classroom training
  • 38 weeks of hands-on experience as a member of a development team
  • Salaried employment opportunities with Techtonic and/or our clients
  • Ongoing training and mentoring

Techtonic Apprenticeship Locations

Map of our apprenticeship locations. Includes Boulder Colorado, El Paso Texas, Omaha Nebraska, and Kansas City Missouri

The Techtonic Apprenticeship has classes throughout the country, and we are adding new locations all the time!


10% Acceptance rate

31% Female

38% Diverse background

80% Graduation rate

Techtonic Apprenticeship Partnerships

Cielo Foundation

The Cielo Scholarship Foundation has generously provided funding to Techtonic to fulfill their mission to assist individuals seeking training and employment in technology. This funding has helped drive the growth of the apprenticeship program for 10 apprentices in the past two years.

US Department of Labor

The United States Department of Labor (DOL) issues and monitors the standards for the Techtonic Software Development Apprenticeship program. The 3+ year partnership with the DOL was critical to Techtonic creating the 1st DOL registered "Software Development Apprenticeship" in the country to facilitate funding from federal, state, and county levels.

Colorado Department of Labor and Employment

The Colorado Department of Labor and Employment (CDLE) has been a key proponent of Techtonic’s innovative apprenticeship. From the initial launch, CDLE has facilitates the disbursement of federal training funds to the county workforce offices. Techtonic is a proud recipient of the CDLE WorkAct grant which promotes work-based learning.

Texas Workforce Commission

Techtonic is proud to have received funds from the Texas Industry Partnership (TIP) to create a pilot apprenticeship program in El Paso focused on training spouses of active military personnel in software development.

United States of America Department of Veterans Affairs

The Techtonic apprenticeship program has been approved by the U.S. Department of Veteran Affairs for Veterans using their VA education benefits, including the Post-9/11 GI Bill. While enrolled in the Techtonic Apprenticeship program, Veterans can use their GI Bill benefit and receive a tax-free stipend.

Techtonic Advisory Board

The volunteer Advisory Board provides guidance and is an advocate for the Techtonic software development apprenticeship program on matters that improve training and employment opportunities for Techtonic apprentices and clients. Members are subject matter experts who fill in the knowledge gaps and provide advice to Techtonic employees, current and future apprentices.

Board Members are volunteers who share expert knowledge and experience in workforce development, government and private funding, soft/professional skills, training and education, career development, diversity, technical skills, and competencies required for software development and other technical occupations. If you are interested in a volunteer position on the board, please send us your information on our Contact page.