Case Study

Zayo Group


Name – The Zayo Group
Industry – Telecommunications, Bandwidth Infrastructure Solutions
Website –

Zayo Group is the leading provider of Bandwidth Infrastructure Solutions worldwide. Based in Boulder, Colorado, Zayo provides high-performance connectivity, secure colocation and flexible cloud infrastructure to North America, Canada, the United Kingdom, and France. Zayo invests heavily in groundbreaking solutions that bring greater efficiency to their daily operations. As a large company that employs many developers, Zayo sometimes relies on partners to produce proofs of concept and other developer support outside of their standard CRM development environment. Kris Boccio, Vice President - Systems Development & GIS at Zayo, was looking to embed features from their central product, Tranzact, into their custom CRM, SalesForce. After running into blockers within the company, Kris brought the project to Techtonic to prove his idea could work.


Boccio moved up the ranks in telecom in a non-traditional way, starting out of high school in fiber optic field operations and eventually moving into a fiber engineering role. He was quickly attracted to Techtonic's apprenticeship model. “People with aptitude and the right mentorship can do great things,” he said.

Zayo initially contracted with Techtonic to produce a proof of concept for their embedded Tranzact product within SalesForce. This feature would display a real-time map of fiberoptic cables, as they applied to service orders and other facets of Zayo’s internal operations. The maps are central to a positive customer experience on Zayo’s interactive e-commerce platform.

The project team included a Techtonic-trained apprentice developer under the supervision of a more seasoned team lead. Techtonic’s developer had 8 weeks to produce the proof of concept and completed it significantly under budget.


Techtonic developed an embedded representation of the myWorld map frame, a Ubisense tool that serves as a view for Tranzact, as well as an interactive table that allowed users to target specific points of interest. This was accomplished using Javascript in a Visualforce component that would work in SalesForce Lightning and Classic. Techtonic and Zayo continue to partner on further proofs of concept and production features with remote integration on one of Zayo’s leading development teams. Techtonic is helping Zayo further their platform by providing additional myWorld functionality integration with SalesForce as well as developing other innovative products under the Zayo banner.

“I’m excited about moving forward with Techtonic and providing the developer with the opportunity to both learn and contribute,” Boccio said. “There are many ways to acquire skills and develop talent, and I applaud Techtonic’s innovative approach.”