ETHDenver - A Techtonic Success!

Group from Techtonic sharing a drink during the ETHDenver conference

On Saturday, February 16th, a group from Techtonic made their way to the ETHDenver conference. It was located at one of Denver's historic landmarks, Gart Sports Castle. The ETH in ETHDenver stands for Ethereum, which is a one-of-a-kind platform used to build decentralized applications (aka dApps). This event is the largest Ethereum-based hackathon where developers and enthusiasts alike collaborate in building projects, share their dApps, and discuss trends and developer tools in the industry. We also had the opportunity to complete a transaction in bufficoin! The team also attended a variety of interesting panels, and networked with like-minded colleagues at a variety of booths.

Panels included:

Booths included:

  • Zeppelin: An open source library of reusable smart contracts that have been standardized and tested
  • Minds: A decentralized social network where users earn crypto-tokens for sharing their information on the network
  • Blocknative: Provides an intuitive and comprehensive interface for designers, developers, and end-users using blockchain
  • Kauri: Helps beginners learn to build in ethereum, and keep developers updated on libraries and tools
  • Opolis: A decentralized employment network

After learning about a variety of technologies, our team was then able to experience the applications that might be used! One of the most impressive parts of the conference was how the organizers included the food truck rally into the experience. Upon arrival, every guest received a goodie bag, with one particularly interesting item: a blue token. Donning the Bufficorn logo on one side, and a QR code on the other [see images]; the token can be used to claim BuffDai, cryptocurrency developed specifically for the conference. All of the food trucks surrounding the conference were prepared to accept BuffDai. For eight BuffDai, we enjoyed gourmet mac-n-cheese and ramen, and vendors enjoyed profits without paying extra fees!

Devin, a Techtonic Apprentice said it best, "The future is here and it just bought me lunch!"

AUTHOR - Merry Degaga

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