Filling The Software Development Talent Pipeline

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Due to the ubiquity of IT, it can be argued that every company is now a technology company. The sooner you realize and take advantage of this fact, the sooner your organization can begin to reap the many benefits - and pitfalls - that come along the way. In the end, the goal of business technology is to make your various processes more efficient. CNBC put it more poetically - "Efficiency is the beating heart of business. Technology is what businesses use to become more efficient. It's like electricity or air."

But long gone are the days where simply using the latest and greatest technology will guarantee to provide a meaningful competitive advantage. In the digital era - where everything is scalable and on-demand - it is how well you leverage your chosen systems that truly matters most. More often than not, however, reaching maximum leverage (efficiency) involves some degree of software development, whether you're customizing a third-party platform like AWS, Salesforce, Shopify - or modernizing your in-house stack.

Naturally, the prospect of hiring and managing developers is daunting to most, especially since high demand means high turnover. In an effort to fill the software development talent pipeline, modern businesses are exploring many new avenues, including upskilling, development partners, and apprenticeships - to name a few.


Filling the talent pipeline starts with rethinking education. In this high stakes environment where everyone's chasing top-tier developers, your organization must readily tap talent from sources once deemed unorthodox. Skilled engineers are no longer found at university only. Forward-looking firms like Google, Apple, and Amazon are actively scouting boot camps, apprenticeships, and similar talent development programs in search of fresh developers. If your company is reluctant to follow suit, know that your competitors will.

Apprenticeship programs like the Techtonic Academy have proved lucrative for clients who desire a more streamlined approach to talent acquisition. Rather than deal with the minutiae of recruiting, vetting, and hiring on your own, we handle the grunt work while your company deals with more pressing matters.Additionally, we recommend instituting an upskilling program within your organization. Providing tech-savvy employees an opportunity to advance by learning new skills on the job not only makes recruiting easier, but it also helps with retention.


A Linkedin post suggests top recruits in Silicon Valley get "contacted 10 to 15 times a week by recruiters regarding new jobs." In other words, even if you're receptive to alternative talent streams, high demand means there's no guarantee that your efforts to woo talent will be enough.

We believe recruiting and retention starts with understanding developers of this era value company culture and mission above all else. In fact, "Glassdoor found that the best predictor of workforce satisfaction is not salary. It is the culture, leadership and career opportunities available." For your company to keep its top IT talent, it's more important to provide a respectable work culture and good management than high pay.


Regardless of how well you handle your developer relations, avoiding turnover altogether is an impossible goal. High demand means boundless opportunity.

Tech Republic says certain positions like UX designer and embedded software engineers claim turnover as high as 23.3 and 21.7%, respectively. As a whole, they peg developer turnover at roughly 13.2%, higher than the retail and media/entertainment sectors.

Seeking answers, some firms find outsourcing to development partners a worthwhile experience.

Based in Boulder, Colorado, Techtonic is an industry-leading development partner specializing in software outsourcing and talent generation. In addition to helping clients meet their project goals through our outsourcing service, Techtonic Academy - our United States Department of Labor-registered talent development program - affords access to a talent pool that's already familiar with your product. The less time (and money) you spend on recruiting and training, the more time (and money) you can dedicate to the project at hand.

AUTHOR - Nate Aswege

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