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Coding has become an ever-present aspect of daily life, infiltrating our modern world. Tech is everywhere. The foundation of tech is coding, and kids are learning these concepts faster than ever before. Like learning any new language, practice, consistency, and overcoming challenges are among the key components to building proficiency. 

Defining What Coding is for Kids

What does it mean for kids to code? When most people consider the concept of coding, the technicalities involved generally seem above the skillset of most adults. So how are children gaining the skills to keep up? While coding can be complex, with the right building blocks and foundational skills, attaining the knowledge is well within the capabilities of children. 

By nature, the minds of children are open and capable of absorbing a great amount of knowledge and information subconsciously, even just through exposure. Therefore, being exposed to the fundamentals of coding at a young age, and associating them with fun, lays the groundwork for progressively going further in software.

Ways to Inspire a Love for Learning Code in Children

Knowing how to code gives kids the ability to take ideas in their minds and make them a reality. It’s a pretty powerful tool to enable confidence; coding helps students to better interact with the world and augments their ability to learn.

There are a myriad of tools available to introduce the concepts of coding to children, even at a very early age. Currently, there are a range of toys, apps, websites, and instructional materials designed to engage the minds of children by presenting coding as an interesting, enjoyable, and fun experience. Among these are the highly popular options of Sphero Toys, Lego Mindstorms and Boost Creative Toolbox, and Scratch, which are all being used in classrooms as well as in homes to expose kids of all ages to coding in interesting and fun ways. Based on statistics, the use of programs provided by in schools has consistently grown, year by year throughout the US. Another great example are the programs offered by such companies as Coding With Kids, which offers numerous afterschool programs throughout the US, for students as young as kindergarteners. Some schools are also taking the initiative and introducing learning code through after school and extracurricular opportunities. 

For older children, there are a variety of coding summer camps and other hands-on programs in many locations. One example is Code Ninjas, which has locations throughout the US, Canada, and the UK. Code Ninjas aims to bring hands-on coding to kids through interesting starting points with gaming, using such platforms as Roblox and Minecraft.

Benefits of Coding for Kids

  • Problem-solving skills become more refined
  • Hands-on, logic-based activity that offers results and rewards
  • Enables enhanced communications skills
  • Encourages collaboration among their peers
  • Encourages persistence and tackling challenges
  • Enhances and fosters creative abilities
  • Prepares them for future careers in technology

The Realities of Why Knowing Code is Necessary for the Future

Making coding part of the everyday experience for young students is necessary for laying the foundation of an ever-digital future. As the need for tech jobs is predicted to soar in the coming years, preparing the present generation for this workforce is of ultimate importance. 

Real-World Skills Gained from Coding

Knowing code isn’t just necessary for those in computer software or engineering fields. As the world becomes ever more digital, with the Internet of Things seeping into every aspect of our lives, and other innovations, having the ability to code will enable people to do more within their chosen fields. Consider graphic artists who have to apply their visual designs to websites; or writers who need to publish content for companies; or anyone who maintains their own website; having workable coding knowledge will enable them all to take their skills further, thus, producing higher quality work and driving their potential further.


Getting kids started early with learning to code offers not just exciting experiences, but also immense learning opportunities. This enables kids to play an active role in the continuously innovative, and increasingly technical society we live in. Teaching kids how to code is about setting them up for a future where these skills will be exceptionally important. Presenting programming as fun and thought-provoking to young minds lays the foundation to keep it compelling, instilling knowledge and fostering passion. And when your kids are ready to start considering working in the tech field, they can bring their skills to the Techtonic Apprenticeship, for further refining as they prepare for careers in the tech field.

Whether kids aim to pursue careers in technology or not, those with tech skills are better prepared to excel in their personal and professional lives. For those interested in tech careers, Techtonic offers a unique program that supports students as they reach the next level. This is accomplished through an innovative 12-month long paid apprenticeship, that prepares students in the most hands-on settings. This training provides both classroom learning and real-world client application development, enabling students to be fully ready for the industry upon completion. Our apprentices learn basic coding literacy, fundamentals, and soft skills as they gain career-readiness. This prepares them to become immediate contributors to the corporate software development community.

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