Meet a Developer: Julio Parra-Sanchez

Julio Parra-Sanchez, Software Developer

Where I'm From

Flashback to 2017: I had been working at a financial company in Venezuela for 12 years, utilizing my engineering degree to improve business intelligence and ensure data quality. It was there that my love for software took root, but there simply weren’t opportunities that allowed my passion to grow. Craving a career I knew I could thrive in, I emigrated to the United States. 

Soon after, I completed Techtonic’s Accelerated Apprenticeship and immediately jumped on the dev floor. For the last two years, I’ve worked collaboratively to enhance client projects in back-end, front-end, and quality assurance roles. 

How I Can Help 

I’ve always enjoyed testing applications, and thanks to my background, I’m adept at finding unique solutions to solve problems your product may be struggling with. That, of course, makes me ideal for QA positions. But I’m a firm believer that tech departments thrive when staffed with diverse developers, which is why I’m able to quickly transition to front- and back-end work, too. 

With the technology industry constantly evolving, adaptability, discipline, and learning-on-the-job skills are also critical. I utilize these daily to adjust to different client needs in a variety of environments. It’s why I’m confident I can be a strong team player; the developer you turn to when production-level code needs to be written, a design needs upgrading, or apps need testing to guarantee your business delivers a high-value customer experience. 

Skills in My Back Pocket

  • PHP
  • Python Core Language
  • Django
  • MySQL + MongoDB (NoSQL) 
  • React + Redux
  • Wordpress 
  • Windows
  • JavaScript 
  • Node.js
  • JIRA + Agile Methodologies 

Follow in My Footsteps

Techtonic's Software Development Apprenticeship Program was exactly what I needed to help transition my career and change my life. If you want to do the same, here's everything you need to know about becoming an Apprentice — and the low-down on how to apply

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