Meet an Apprentice: Jonathan Tschida

Jonathan Tschida, Software Development Apprentice

Where I'm From

I’ve always been interested in technology and how things work. It’s why I built a gaming computer despite not having any qualifications to do so. But it wasn’t until I tried coding — both in a weekend class and front-end development-focused bootcamp — that I realized how well programming fit my drive to make people’s lives better by providing them with the right tools. It’s what solidified my step away from social media management and prompted me to dive headfirst into Techtonic’s Accelerated Apprenticeship.

How I Can Help

Not to brag, but I’m an excellent problem solver. It gets my blood pumping to hear about a blocker or system bug in plain English, then translate that to code and implement functional changes to fix it. 

While I’m well-versed in front-end development — and my background in illustration and metalsmithing lends itself well to the creative responsibilities of those projects — my passion for working with data and product management puts me in the perfect headspace for back-end development. Setting objective metrics, like faster run-times, and creating structure and tracking allows me to deliver a high-quality end product that directly impacts your customer’s experience. 

Overall, this means I’m your ideal full stack developer. I have a proven track record of pushing out clean, concise code on deadline; understand what dev teams need from all perspectives, and quickly apply pre-existing knowledge to new projects that meet your company needs. 

Skills in My Back Pocket

  • Web Accessibility 
  • Python Core Language
  • JavaScript, ES6 + Design Patterns
  • TypeScript 
  • Git + Managing Source Code
  • React + Redux 
  • MySQL + MongoDB (NoSQL)
  • Node.js, Express + NPM
  • Mocha
  • JIRA + Agile Methodologies 

Follow in My Footsteps 

Techtonic's Software Development Apprenticeship Program was exactly what I needed to help transition my career and change my life. If you want to do the same, here's everything you need to know about becoming an Apprentice — and the low-down on how to apply

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