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The overarching goal of every software team is to develop a quality product that delivers on all expectations and business needs. But due to the complex nature of most development projects, it can be far too easy to let flaws slip through the cracks.

To ensure your software delivers on its requirements, your team should, ideally, include a dedicated QA and testing arm. Realistically though, most companies struggle to find and retain qualified software engineers, let alone quality assurance and testing personnel. Instead, many are offloading this process to development partners like Techtonic.

If your firm is unsure as to how QA and testing fit into the software development process, this article is for you.


While some tech authors lump QA and testing into one basket, each procedure is, in fact, a unique approach to ensure your product performs as intended.

QATestLab says "QA focuses on the processes of quality assessment including their planning, arrangement, and establishment... QA assists not in detecting issues but in their preventing. It is a proactive way of quality verification."

Testing is described as the "process of verifying different attributes of a system and aspects of its usage in order to make sure that the product operates as expected and that it does not perform any functions that it is not supposed to conduct... It includes various techniques that are called to detect software issues."

In other words, testing is done to find defects and check that the software performs as designed. QA is the process of pre-planning and improving your development methods in an effort to prevent defects in the first place.


We find proper QA and testing to be so vital to every software project that we recently ranked it as one of the top reasons software projects go incomplete. In addition to improving the overall quality of your software, QA and testing also directly correlated to improved security and reduced cost.


The cost to fix a software bug goes up exponentially the deeper you are in the development pipeline. Rezaid says it's "a common misconception that software testing costs a lot and testers break the software. But in reality, if you ignore testing, it can result in additional expenses where bugs or mistakes come to the surface later."

As any tried-and-tested developer will attest, addressing one bug often has the side effect of birthing another. "Testing alleviates the need for a constant cycle of upgrades and fixes, as software testers identify bugs and errors before problems can arise. This cost-effective approach leads to efficient software development."


According to Testdevlab, security is "probably the most sensitive and yet most vulnerable part (of software creation). There have been many situations where user information has been stolen or hackers have gotten to it and used it for their benefit. That is the reason people are looking for trusted products that they can rely on... Our personal information and what we do with it should stay as private as possible, especially using services where it is a vulnerability to us, for example, banking information, security details, etc."


Even in the event that your software turns out intuitive and free of critical defects, if it doesn't perform exactly as designed, there was a gap in your QA and testing procedures.

"Products always serve users in some ways, so it's very important that it brings the value it promises, hence it should work properly to ensure a great customer experience. Development of an app, for example, has many processes included and testing gets a glimpse of every bit - it checks if the app's graphics are aligned properly, tests the main functionality, checks if menus are intuitive, etc. After developers fix issues, sometimes another issue may appear unexpectedly somewhere else, that's just how testing goes sometimes, so it's great to find those issues to be resolved and be a part of a quality product being delivered to the marketplace."

AUTHOR -Nate Aswege

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