The Intersection of Software Development & Talent Pipeline Generation

Venn diagram with title reading The Intersection of Software Development & Talent Generation. On the left side of the diagram is Onshore Development, on the right is Talent Generation, in the middle where the circles intersect is the Techtonic logo

At Techtonic, we live at the intersection of software development and talent generation. Founded in 2006, we've fast become a leader in the software industry by way of our onshore software development services and trailblazing apprenticeship program, the Techtonic Academy.

As a turnkey provider for commercial-grade software development, QA, testing, and product management, we're committed to helping forward-thinking companies streamline their software creation and talent acquisition strategy.

Based in Boulder, Colorado, we are uniquely built to fit our client's needs, whether that be pure software development, talent pipeline generation, or a mixture of both.


In the simplest terms, we develop software to solve business needs.

We deliver cutting-edge solutions to clients through our unique approach to development and lead the talent shift in technology by changing the way the world thinks about training engineers to solve business problems.

Our clients come to us with widely varying needs and objectives. For example, looking to redesign its customer portal, a digital automation company called Eggplant chose us because of our ability to deliver with minimal oversight once the business requirements had been gathered. A robot engineering company called Misty Robotics elected to partner with us on its mobile app because we could provide the female-rich talent pool the company desired. Even other development firms like Pivotal look to us for help with their software outsourcing and workforce diversification goals.

Smart companies are increasingly offloading workloads to development partners for one simple reason: it's effective. But needless to say, all software shops aren't created equal. Since our inception, we've meticulously assembled a profoundly diverse team of engineers, allowing us to provide our services to a number of distinct industries, including healthcare, real estate, robotics, education, entertainment, finance, and security.

In the end, we aim to be a lucrative destination for organizations who want American-made software products at attractive prices.


Aspiring developers and talent-hungry companies alike are starting to wonder whether a traditional degree is still the best predictor of success. Though Americans continue to put college-based learning on a pedestal, increasingly, companies are turning to alternative sources in an effort to fill the ever-expanding skills gap.

In doing our part to address the issue, we started the Techtonic Academy in 2015. Our apprenticeship is the engine that educates and employs the next generation of developers, and it's the fuel we use to keep our clients coming back for more. Approved and registered by the United States Department of Labor, the Techtonic Academy is a highly selective program that's redefining the entire talent generation pipeline.

Starting with a cohort of upward of 300 applicants, our rigorous selection process involves assessments, interviews, and coding challenges that help us choose the top 20 candidates who are best qualified to be successful at every level of the apprenticeship.

Placing great emphasis on diversity, we're building a talent development program that's unlike anything else in the country. We remove the barriers to entry to find unique and thoroughly vetted students, transferring them from the classroom to real-world application development, and then onto full-time opportunities with Techtonic and our clients.

Since our goal is to produce well-rounded engineers - not coders - we only admit students who demonstrate a strong understanding of core computer science principles. Whether they're self-taught, boot camp grads, or degree holders, the academy shapes them into problem-solving engineers through a mix of mentorship and real-world projects for actual clients. And unlike traditional university and coding boot camps, Techtonic Academy apprentice earns a living wage throughout the duration of the program.


Our clients hire us to architect powerful software to solve their business challenges.

Whether you're running a Fortune 100 or a small-town retail shop, you cannot escape the tentacles of technology. Techtonic is the premier onshore software shop and talent generation partner here to help navigate the turbulent waters of software creation and talent development.

From concept to completion, our staff has the ability to guide your organization through every stage of the software development pipeline. But unlike other dev shops, Techtonic is unique in that we also supply clients with engineers who are already familiar with their project.

Rather than deal with the on-going hassle of recruiting, vetting, hiring, and retaining skilled talent, our clients are free to concentrate on their core business, while we do what we do best: develop talent.

AUTHOR - Nate Aswege

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