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Techtonic - Adventures in Amazon AI!

September 25, 2019 - A crew of Techtonic developers hit the road for Denver to attend the Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning presentation by Global Machine Learning Specialist, Kris Skrinak. Designed to demonstrate the capabilities and best practices of AI/ML, the presentation demonstrated several of Amazon’s AI services and included a lab ...

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Diversity: Impacting Talent, Innovation, and Revenue

Techtonic is a firm believer that cultivating a diverse and inclusive workplace can create an environment of positivity and opportunity that resonates throughout an organization. Whether searching for top tier talent, new ways to innovate, or novel paths for revenue growth, it helps to employ a well-rounded workforce. True diversity ...

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4 Reasons Tech Needs More Female Software Developers

Women represent half the labor force, yet remain grossly underrepresented in certain sectors such as technology. According to some estimates, women hold just 20% of all tech jobs. And when we narrow it down to software development, the number plummets below 15%. If we’re to keep our position as the global leader in the technology space, American companies must do more to recruit, hire, and retain female talent.

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Reducing Risk With Proper Technology Partners

Creating custom software that is delivered on time, on budget, and performs as intended is an enormous task. But rather than take on the challenge in-house, many companies today rely on software outsourcing to meet demand. Unsurprisingly, however, outsourcing comes with its own hurdles, and choosing the wrong development partner can prove costly. For this article, we will discuss several ways to reduce your risk.

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Software – Living On The Edge

Most companies today rely on Python, Ruby, JavaScript, C#, PHP, Swift, or Java to develop digital products and services. If we rewind time by just a decade or two, the list of leading development languages looks completely different. And the same holds if we could jump forward to 2030 and beyond.

Exactly which programming languages will power businesses of the future is anyone’s guess. We’ll use this article to highlight five languages with serious next-generation potential.

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