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QA & Testing - Your Software Depends On It!

The overarching goal of every software team is to develop a quality product that delivers on all expectations and business needs. But due to the complex nature of most development projects, it can be far too easy to let flaws slip through the cracks. Realistically though, most companies struggle to find and retain qualified software engineers, let alone quality assurance and testing personnel. Instead, many are offloading this process to development partners like Techtonic.

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The Top 5 Reasons Your Software Strategy Is Incomplete

Since we opened shop in 2006, clients have come to us with projects in varying stages of the development pipeline. While some projects were close, needing just a bit of outside guidance to cross the finish line, others were merely in the concept phase, or even in need of re-concepting. In an attempt to better understand why some projects fail, we noticed several recurring stumbling blocks that seem to derail well-intentioned businesses in their quest. This article will first focus on the top 5 reasons why your software pr...

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Onshore - The New Wave In American Software Development

As digitalization increases, more companies are turning to development shops to handle the complexities of software creation. In fact, we recently published a post discussing the pros and cons that businesses face when hiring an outside firm to supplement development projects. While our original article highlighted the differences between offshore versus onshore, costs versus expertise, and outsourcing versus outstaffing, this art...

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The Business Case for Diversity and Inclusion Initiatives

Diverse businesses do better. When you get down to a more granular level of offices and teams, diverse groups do better than homogeneous groups even within the same corporate structure. Maybe you believe those statements already, or maybe you don't. Either way, I'm assuming you need some cold hard numbers to help convince either yourself or the people around you. For some statistics that can help you make your pitch, and some frameworks that can help lend a sense of urgency to diversity initiatives, keep reading.

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The Intersection of Software Development & Talent Pipeline Generation

At Techtonic, we live at the intersection of software development and talent generation. Founded in 2006, we've fast become a leader in the software industry by way of our onshore software development services and trailblazing apprenticeship program, the Techtonic Academy. As a turnkey provider for commercial-grade software development, QA, testing, and product management, we're committed to helping forward-thinking companies streamline their software creation and talent acquisit...

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Filling The Software Development Talent Pipeline

The inside of a curving tube where the wall is lined with computer binary

Due to the ubiquity of IT, it can be argued that every company is now a technology company. The sooner you realize and take advantage of this fact, the sooner your organization can begin to reap the many benefits - and pitfalls - that come along the way. In the end, the goal of business technology is to make your various processes more efficient. CNBC put it more poetically - "Efficiency is the beating heart of business. Technolog...

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