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Onshore Tech Solutions for a World on Lockdown

Throughout the United States and the world as a global community, as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, business as usual has been turned on its head with no sign of a return to normalcy in the very near future. There are multiple levels of disruption; from states calling for stay-at-home orders, to mass closures of nonessential businesses, to countless other businesses suddenly transforming their structures to operate entirely remotely. In a single instant, all measures were taken to stem the bleeding however possible by businesses of all types, across the world, when it was determined that quarantining became the only option to slow the spread of this virus. However, with the world on lockdown, it is time for companies in the US to start considering the benefits of onshoring their technology and IT functions.

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Looking Towards a Career in Software? Here’s Where to Start

Interested In A Career in Software Development? Here’s Where to Start! As we experience a growing economy, fostered by unprecedented growth in the technology industry, many people are considering careers in software. Currently, there are almost 1 million open software and tech jobs in the US market, which is a great indication of the career prospects in the tech sector.

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From One Non-Expert to Another - Learning What I Didn’t Know I Didn’t Know

My story is one you may have heard a few times - I went to school to study one thing, started doing that thing, stopped doing that thing, became motivated to learn how to code, and then went searching for a place that could teach me how to do that ...

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Diversity: Impacting Talent, Innovation, and Revenue

Techtonic is a firm believer that cultivating a diverse and inclusive workplace can create an environment of positivity and opportunity that resonates throughout an organization. Whether searching for top tier talent, new ways to innovate, or novel paths for revenue growth, it helps to employ a well-rounded workforce. True diversity ...

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Redefine The Term "Higher Education"

In founding our apprenticeship program, Techtonic Apprenticeship, we set out to redefine the meaning of higher education. Long before it was acceptable to openly question the value of a four-year degree, our founder foresaw a shift in public sentiment toward college. Now, as of 2019, a number of iconic tech firms, including Google, IBM, and Apple have followed in our footsteps. While we don't envision a ...

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Ditch the Degree - 5 Reasons to Rethink a College Degree

For this article, we'll further elaborate on the ditch the degree movement with five additional reasons why people might choose to forgo college.

Our current approach to higher education has saddled nearly 50 million Americans with a collective college loan debt in excess of $1.56 trillion. This staggering, ever-growing figure is just one of the many reasons why more and more young people are having second thoughts about the traditional university route.

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