From One Non-Expert to Another - Learning What I Didn’t Know I Didn’t Know

My story is one you may have heard a few times - I went to school to study one thing, started doing that thing, stopped doing that thing, became motivated to learn how to code, and then went searching for a place that could teach me how to do that ...

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Software – Living On The Edge

Most companies today rely on Python, Ruby, JavaScript, C#, PHP, Swift, or Java to develop digital products and services. If we rewind time by just a decade or two, the list of leading development languages looks completely different. And the same holds if we could jump forward to 2030 and beyond.

Exactly which programming languages will power businesses of the future is anyone’s guess. We’ll use this article to highlight five languages with serious next-generation potential.

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The Intersection of Software Development & Talent Pipeline Generation

At Techtonic, we live at the intersection of software development and talent generation. Founded in 2006, we've fast become a leader in the software industry by way of our onshore software development services and trailblazing apprenticeship program, the Techtonic Academy. As a turnkey provider for commercial-grade software development, QA, testing, and product management, we're committed to helping forward-thinking companies streamline their software creation and talent acquisit...

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