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The Growing Talent Gap in Tech: Actionable Strategies to Bridge the Gap

Tech is one of the single-most industrious sectors in our modern world. So industrious, in fact, it’s hard to come by a field driving more growth and opportunities. It has been predicted by Statista that by 2023, mobile apps alone will generate upwards of $935 billion worldwide. But with the monumental growth and demand, a talent gap presently exists in the tech world. Specifically, in regards to talented Software developers and engineers.

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Rethinking Strategies for Filling Your Talent Gap

Analysts predict that there will soon be over one million jobs available to software developers. But due to the ever-widening skills gap, a vast major of these positions will go unfilled. Companies of all sizes are expected to be impacted by the talent shortage in some form or another. Looking to find even a slight edge over competitors, forward-thinking organizations are now totally rethinking how they recruit, hire, and retain tech employees...

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Top 5 Trends In Tech For 2019

In order to survive the grueling tech industry, companies must be forward-thinking, and always out to discover market shifts before the competition. Those who fall behind will quickly die off. Those who maintain an edge will live to fight on. Our team scoured troves of data and research to discover past industry shifts in an effort to predict what's to come. The following is a list of five tech trends companies should expect to see in 2019. Unsurprisingly, we begin by covering the industry's broadening talent gap. As tech...

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