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4 Reasons Tech Needs More Female Software Developers

Women represent half the labor force, yet remain grossly underrepresented in certain sectors such as technology. According to some estimates, women hold just 20% of all tech jobs. And when we narrow it down to software development, the number plummets below 15%. If we’re to keep our position as the global leader in the technology space, American companies must do more to recruit, hire, and retain female talent.

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The Business Case for Diversity and Inclusion Initiatives

Diverse businesses do better. When you get down to a more granular level of offices and teams, diverse groups do better than homogeneous groups even within the same corporate structure. Maybe you believe those statements already, or maybe you don't. Either way, I'm assuming you need some cold hard numbers to help convince either yourself or the people around you. For some statistics that can help you make your pitch, and some frameworks that can help lend a sense of urgency to diversity initiatives, keep reading.

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Tech Has a Diversity Problem - Let’s Talk About It

I’m writing a series on Diversity & Inclusion (D&I) because tech has a diversity problem. What’s the problem with an algorithm trained on a raw data set? What are the pitfalls of trusting AI and machine learning algorithms to shed light on societal problems? What are the benchmarks for testing our products and algorithms for bias? What are the pitfalls of asking users to forgo privacy for a service? If you want to take a product to a global market, what do you need to change about how you think? And most of all, how can w...

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