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At a presentation Heather Terenzio, CEO of the Techtonic Group, gave at a vocational school in 2014, the one person who stood out was a young adult on the catering staff. He rushed up to her at the end of the talk and gave her his pitch: When he was seven he took apart his own computer just to figure out how it ticked. He had never been able to afford a program to get proper training and access to a job in tech. He told Terenzio that if she hired him, she would never regret it. She believed him.


Training is a vital capability for all the onshore companies, but few have gone as far as the Techtonic Group in Boulder, Colorado. Once a committed offshore outsourcer, Techtonic has made nurturing homegrown talent the centerpiece of its business. In 2014, it set up a training apprenticeship that feeds graduates into its Department of Labor-approved apprenticeship program for software engineers.

New York Times