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Barry Maldonado

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Barry Maldonado has always been focused on a single goal, to help people better their place in life. Prior to joining the Techtonic Academy, Barry was employed as a caseworker with The Action Center, a non-profit that provides immediate response to basic human needs for Jefferson County residents and the homeless. While his job was highly fulfilling, he ultimately needed to improve his financial position as a young adult living in the Denver metro area. “I was living on a single income in Denver, eating lots of PB&J’s and needed to find a way to generate more income” Barry explained.

Barry researched a variety of boot camps and found the “Tec-P” grant, which focuses on reskilling workers and bringing them into the technology industry. The Techtonic Academy accepted this grant, and Barry immediately applied. Techtonic accepted Barry into the Academy Apprenticeship program, and with some technical support experience combined with a love for technology, Barry gave notice with his current job and jumped into the Academy with both feet.

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