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Ivan Tarin

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After working for years as a paralegal, Ivan knew he needed a fresh start. His career was in limbo and he had grown tired of doing the same thing day in and day out. “My job had become mundane and I started hating it. I wasn’t having fun and I wasn't making a good salary for the years I had put in,” Ivan stated. To make a change, Ivan took a UDEMY course, and also looked into a software development boot camp at Denver University.

During that time, he ran across an article in the Denver Post, highlighting the Techtonic Academy Apprenticeship program and decided to apply there as well. When asked why he chose Techtonic over the DU boot camp, Ivan replied, “I feel like when you complete a standard boot camp you leave empty-handed. You have the knowledge, but you do not know how to apply that in real life. Techtonic taught me about the whole process of developing software, working in a team, and integrating your code into an entire code base on real applications.”

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