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MD Solutions

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MD Solutions offers consulting services and customized technology solutions with an emphasis on data management. Founded in 2000, MD Solutions is headquartered in Boston, Massachusetts, and partners with leading companies within the Healthcare industry with a focus on maximizing revenue and profitability for physician practices.

Prior to Techtonic, MD Solutions had experienced a number of staffing changes over a long period of time, creating a loss in their internal IP. They also worked with a number of subcontracting technology partners, but ultimately decided they needed a long-term partner that could act as an outside extension of their development team. They chose Techtonic because of the flexibility, partnership and common values that both companies believe in, and moved forward with the partnership in April 2018.

“Building an internal IT group at MD Solutions would have been almost impossible. Techtonic allows us to leverage an external partner, so there is clear ROI on a number of business levels” -Paul Casey, Founder & President

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