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Our Values

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Whether they're looking to augment their team, need a quick consultation, or somebody to tackle a full app, we treat our clients' challenges like they're our own.

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Client Experience

Working with software developers shouldn’t be painful. When it comes to projects, we bring our passion for development and a commitment to listening first to find the true solution to your problem.

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Measurable Outcomes

When you're trying to solve a business problem a hastily thrown together solution won't cut it. We rigorously QA our work and make sure your KPIs are being met.

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Reinventing Industry

We bring an old model to a new profession–our diverse, passionate, and dedicated apprentices are the new generation of programmer, with full-stack technical skills applied to real client projects, not just theory.


the Status Quo

To hell with the idea of “cultural fit.” Working with—and at—Techtonic means being part of a new kind of culture. We celebrate the diversity of our staff. Our backgrounds and experiences help us deliver innovative solutions and new ways of thinking. After all, applications are only as creative and unique as the people dreaming them up.

It's about being part of something bigger. We love to ideate and bring new ideas to life, and we set very high standards of ourselves and our work. Continuous learning and honing of our skills is par for the course. We stay on top of the technology landscape and come up with ways to leverage our skills to create great work, have fun, and be ourselves while doing it.